Add an existing local WebStorm/IntelliJ project to a new remote GIT repository on Bitbucket.

1) Create a GIT repository on Bitbucket
2) Open the project locally in WebStorm
3) From the menu in WebStorm select VCS > Import into Version Control > Create GIT Repository. This will put your project under source control locally. It's important to note that nothing has been checked in or committed at this point yet. GIT has just been established. The file names of files that will be placed under source control (tracked) will now appear maroon in color
4) Before adding or committing anything add the .gitignore file at this time. add the following filters …
5) > git add -A .
Next move all the files into the GIT index. Think of this as the local staging area before being pushed to the remote repository. Once files have been moved to the index but are still uncommitted turn green in color.
6) > git commit -m "initial commit"
Now commit the files to the GIT repository.
7) > git remote add origin https://<username><username>/<repository_name>.git
Add the Bitbucket remote repository to the local GIT project.
8) git push -u origin —all
Pushes all the committed files to the Bitbucket repository
9) git push -u origin —tags
Pushes any tags to the Bitbucket repository